How to get from a small church in Holland to the United Nations in New York, Janosh can tell you all about it. For more than ten years he has been presenting his art live to the public and doing this right from the beginning in a stylish way. In many countries Janosh has left people in behind in amazement, in America, Canada, Spain, Poland, Switzerland, Russia and Australia. Absolute highlights were the United Nations in New York where Janosh, as the first Dutchman ever, was invited to give a presentation.

What Janosh gives his public, is an experience that cannot be seen anywhere else. It is based on the fact that everything is energy, which is revealed in amazing multimedia presentations, full of colorful images and intense music. In between he gives his vision about the theme being discussed and prepares people to take part in an activation. As the observer you are constantly challenged to take part and work on yourself. Participating in a Janosh experience means in the first place that you give your full attention to your personal process. You are invited to take a journey into your subconscious to get to know yourself and if you are prepared to open yourself to the energy of the activations, it is possible that your life can take a new direction right there and then.

This is absolutely the case with the workshops, in which Janosh takes the participants by the hand for one or more days. He is well known for his quick approach, which is based on inspiration, confrontation, humor and connection. Also Janosh does not limit himself to giving workshops in theatres and such like. He has also taken people to beautiful places in nature in the past. Examples of this are the Crop Circles in England, the Baikal Lake in the Siberian Altai mountain ranges and the coastal regions of Anapa on the Black Sea.

Below is an impression of the presentations and workshops:

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