In 2003 Janosh discovered that his holograms are found in the same shape as crop circles. These are geometric patterns found in fields of growing cereal crops (wheat, barley, oats, rye, etc). In a crop circle the plants are found flat on the ground, making it look like a giant stamp has been pressed or stamped into the field from above. The plants are not dead, they continue to grow horizontally. If the crop is young and green it will continue to grow as normal, even trying to grow back up towards the light.

Crop circles are found all over the world, but the crop circle activity is especially high in England. The formations vary from simple to quite complex. For over twenty years people have performed research, but to this day crop circles are a phenomena that are not yet explained. Everything is pointing in the direction of extra-terrestrial activity, based on the peculiar phenomena that one encounters in the fields. There are, for instance, traces of heat, bent stems, dead flies and strange substances like meteorite dust.

Whilst science focuses on the tangible facts, Janosh proves himself to be a pioneer by deciphering the codes. For years he has been translating the message of the crop circles and he anchors the energy in his holograms, often before the crop circles appear in the fields. This can be explained by his direct contact with the makers, the Arcturians, who explain that crop circles are designed to awaken people by means of visual communication. 

Please find below an list of crop circles which match the holograms by Janosh.

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