“What you see is more than art. It is a language that your subconscious understands.”

Take a journey into your subconscious! Enrich your life with more than 100 geometric holograms that can help you to get to know yourself better at a deeper level. Who are you? What do you want? What do you dream about? What are you struggling with? Everything that you need to know is locked up within. Start a visual communication with your soul and let the answers come!

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Janosh Live Webcast: Processing


In May Janosh will continue the line of the Grand Cross, the cosmic happening of March that created a lot of movement. According to his information the next change in the energy on Earth will take place on the 8th of May. Then starts what is called 'the time in between'. More about this in the webcast with again a special activation.

Janosh All The Way Weekend


Janosh is going “all the way!” Right up to the last minute he is going to do absolutely everything to give you your true power. In an intensive workshop over the course of four days, he is going to focus on your process, with the intention to get rid of anything that is in your way. Fears, blockages, pain, sadness, insecurity; this is your chance to say goodbye to it once and for all. Prepare yourself for a challenging programme where nothing is prepared, without any show or entertainment, just to give you the opportunity to go home with the feeling that you can do absolutely anything and need nothing more. The clock is ticking and we are counting down: your breakthrough is coming!

Time in Between | Live WebcastTime in Between | Live Webcast

Time in Between | Live Webcast

In the week of 8-15 May our transformation process will reach the middle. During these days we are in what is called the 'time in between'. See it as the break in a music composition that cuts the whole piece in two chapters. For a few days you will feel like being in a sort of twilight zone, which gives you the opportunity to process everything that happened from december 2012 up until now. After this short time the transformation will continue and this keeps on going until 2018. It is important to use this precious time for reflection and meditation, so that you are charged up for the second part.

On the 8th of May 2015 Janosh will organize a webcast to prepare the people for the 'time in between', which starts on the same day. To connect with this energy he will share the activation Processing, which will help you to quickly cleanse your system, so that there is more room for new energy. The webcast will be in English and participation is free.

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