“The holograms are a message to us to remind us who we really are and what we can achieve.”

Take a journey into your subconscious! Enrich your life with more than 100 geometric holograms that can help you to get to know yourself better at a deeper level. Who are you? What do you want? What do you dream about? What are you struggling with? Everything that you need to know is locked up within. Start a visual communication with your soul and let the answers come!

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Energetic Therapy - Basics (NL)


Human life is a succession of individual processes. Usually, these are positive experiences, but many also experience feelings of fear, sadness, doubt, uncertainty, physical or emotional pain or trauma. In the quest for redemption, more and more people become convinced of the power of energetic therapy, aiming to heal not only on a purely physical or mental level, but on a much deeper level than that.

The Return of the Christ Consciousness (Kiev, Ukraine)


A secret as old as mankind, is hidden within our heart. Only those who dare to make the journey within, will discover what cannot be found outside ourselves: the essence of our existence. More and more people are ready for this awakening and you can join in too. Even you can be the magician who you are from deep within, even if you have not dared to recognize this before. Just like Jesus showed us the real potential of mankind, it's now up to you to activate the godly power within yourself. It's time to wake up once and for all! Janosh presents: The return of the Christ Consciousness.



The tool for self-development! Reprogram your life with Janosh.

Janosh App activates your highest potential. It helps you find the answers to who you are, what you want and how to create it. Use more than 100 holograms and activations to connect with your subconscious and discover the endless possibilities you have at your disposal.

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